Patient Participation Group Meeting

18th April 2024




Present for Statham Grove Surgery (SGS)

  • Dylan Reynolds – Practice Manager (DR)
  • Robert Moore – Lead Practice Nurse (RM)

PPG Members Present 

  • Tim
  • Michael
  • Victoria 
  • Jane
  • Helen
  • Petrie 
  • Jeremy
  • Anne

Updates following previous meeting 

Disabled access doors

quotes are higher than expected but work should be going ahead soon.


NHS App how to guides – Dylan would like PPG to assess.

Dylan has found quite a few NHS tutorials, they can be incorporated into the website, Dylan asks for a PPG volunteer to have a look at some of then and recommend ones to be added to the SGS website.

Patient HC agrees.


Patient pathways

PPG Member – JD has kindly undertaken a survey of our website – Dylan relayed results in meeting with website on a projector display, the results are attached to the meeting minutes.

Dylan to action the improvements. 


Rapid Health Pilot

As discussed by Dr West at the previous PPG meeting, SGS trialled a new online consultation/online booking system via the SGS website. The system was trialled for a week and then a decision was made not to use it anymore.

However, this did prompt us to reappraise the current Patient Triage system, changes that have been made are – many more online bookable appointments have been made available. Patients can select from a list of appointment options sent via text. 

PPG members are concerned that appointment should still be available via phone for on the day appointments, this is the case appointments are still available, it is SGS policy not to be a total triage practice. 
Feedback from PPG member, patients are very appreciative of the SGS appointment system and being able to book appointments quickly. 


PPG requested data on NHS App usage 

Dylan shows data on NHS dashboard. 


Clinician to discuss aspect of care

Lead Practice Nurse Robert Moore will attend to discuss treatment of diabetes. 

Points of discussion were – 

  • Prevalence and cost of treating diabetes in the community. 
  • Differing and evolving dietary advice for diabetes 
  • Definition of remission
  • Available services for diabetes. 

Next meeting date and topic for discussion

Booked provisionally for 18th July 2024


  • Patient HC agrees to review NHS tutorials, Dylan to send.
  • Dylan to implement website improvements from JD review.