Meeting Minutes




Patient Participation Group Meeting - 21 January 2021 at 14:00

Attendees: Victoria Francis, Timothy Maby, Peter Manning, and Anthony Harms (PPG members), Dr Nicholas Lees, Lucy Stewart Amin (Business Support Manager), Gulhan Garip (Administrator)

Apologies: Michael Amherst (PPG member), Dylan Reynolds (Practice Manager)


Outcome of actions from last meeting:

Victoria and Gulhan have been liaising every 2 weeks and any other time in between when there are updates available for the facebook page, which Victoria has amended and running now.  The facebook page link will be put on to our new website. (Tony has offered to participate in running the facebook page).  The new website is now running- email option to contact us as well as e-consult is available.  No quotes attained for the bike shed, and there are issues with the bike/railing near the front entrance of the surgery as neither have been removed yet.  This will be reported to the council. Phone system to go live soon.  We have a portable ramp as and when needed.


Feedback from PPG members regarding the new website, which should be actioned by Statham Grove Surgery:

  • Make e-consult easily accessible
  • Vaccination info would be useful - i.e. addresses of vaccination centres/local centres like John Scott Health Centre, if and when the vaccinations will be coming into the surgery
  • The tree-view for the website is easier to navigate

Pandemic response and communication:

Different staff groups with NHS funding have been allocated for various services within the surgery

  • Social Prescribing - has been running throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so
  • First contact physiotherapist service - is running and patients who have symptoms which require physio input can book into this service via reception without having to wait for GP contact
  • Clinical pharmacist - is supporting the GP caseload for medication management
  • Health & Wellbeing Coach - will carry out 12 sessions per referral, aiming to improve lifestyle choices and long term management and control over their own health

Updates/suggestions from Statham Grove Surgery:

Regarding merging the PPG groups of 4 surgeries within the Woodberry Wetlands Primary Care Network - Heron, Allerton Road, Statham Grove Surgery, and one other. Divided opinion about how involved we should be with other surgeries- one suggestion was to perhaps do joint events, but not to join every aspect of PPG matters pertaining to each surgery.


Actions to be taken:

Victoria/Tony and Gulhan to continue liaising about updates for the facebook page, Statham Grove Surgery to contact Hackney Council regarding bike and railing near the front entrance of the surgery, Statham Grove Surgery website team to make the necessary improvements to the website. Telephone queuing system to be in place.



Two of our PPG members have sadly passed away

No dates have been put forward for the next PPG meeting. Gulhan will text and email all members once an agreed date is in the diary.