Patient Participation Group Meeting

Tuesday 3rd May 2022 1pm

Location: St Mary’s Community Centre, Stoke Newington Church Street





  • Liz (PPG member and Chair)
  • Jackie (PPG member)
  • Sallie (PPG member)
  • Jeremy (PPG member)
  • Jud (PPG member)
  • Kate (PPG member)
  • Emma (SGS GP) 
  • Dylan (Practice Manager)
  • Gulê (Administrator)

Meeting chaired by Jackie.

Dylan presented a power point of all the services which the Primary Care Network provides to GP surgeries, namely First Contact Physiotherapy; Social Prescribing; Practice Pharmacist; Health and Wellbeing coach.

Emma, who is the Health Inequalities Lead at the surgery, updated the group that there was a plan for changes in Enhanced Access due by 1st October 2022. This new system will mean that GP services operate between 08:00-20:00 on weekdays, and 09:00-17:00 on weekends. The new proposed weekend surgeries will be a shared appointment booking service between approx. 48 GP surgeries connected to City & Hackney Confederation, whereby the appointment slots will be used by 111 services and not our own patients to ring in like they do during the week and booking an on the day appointment. She added that this change may affect GP continuity as there would be less GP time to see their usual patients like they would have had before. A draft proposal of how the surgery will take part in the extended hours service and how best to minimise adverse effect on patients is due by the end of July.

Currently, and pre-covid19 we have been running the extended hours service from 07:00-08:00. The surgery would like to have some feedback on this service. It was suggested that we could devise a survey in different languages so that we can reach out to ALL patient demographics for a response. It was also agreed that sharing ideas with other PPG groups in our neighbourhood PCN would be useful too.

Sallie asked how Emma thought that the telephone consultations were working, which Emma expressed a unanimous opinion at the surgery that while in some cases patients do prefer a telephone consultation, and that it can be affective, that sometimes it is less efficient if a GP needs a patient to come in for examination on the same day as the consultation and if the patient is not in the local area then this affects the care which they receive.





Next meeting

No set dates yet, we are contracted to have one more meeting this year, but all members present have agreed that it would be more productive to meet more than this, the surgery is happy with this to go ahead too. Dates will be emailed to all PPG members in due course.